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Let the Dump Fairies Do the Heavy Lifting, So You Can Focus on More Important Things!

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Experienced and Reliable

Our Dump Fairies have been hauling junk to the dump in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area since 2019. This saves you the time and the hassle.

Our Services


Junk Removal:

Whether you are decluttering your home, renovating your office space, or simply need to get rid of unwanted items, Poof Be Gone is there to help. From small items to large debris, our Dump Fairies will safely and responsibly remove all types of junk, leaving your space clean and clutter-free.


Furniture Removal:

If you have old or unwanted furniture that needs to be taken away, Poof Be Gone is the answer. Our team specializes in the removal of furniture, such as sofas, beds, tables, and more. Our professionals will handle all the heavy lifting and disposal, making the furniture removal process hassle-free for you.


Demo & Removal:

When it's time for a remodel or renovation, Poof Be Gone can assist with both demolition and removal. Our Dump Fairies have the necessary tools and expertise to safely demolish and remove structures, walls, flooring, and other materials, leaving you with a clean slate for your project.



Whether you need to clean out a garage, attic, basement, or an entire property, Poof Be Gone can handle it all. They provide efficient cleanout services, including sorting, organizing, and disposing of unwanted items. From residential properties to commercial spaces, our team ensures a thorough and hassle-free cleanout experience.


Disaster Cleanup:

In the unfortunate event of a disaster, such as flooding, fire, or storm damage, our Dump Fairies are here to help with prompt and efficient cleanup services. Our experienced team will quickly remove debris, salvage salvageable items, and clean up the affected area, restoring safety and normalcy to your property.

How We Work

Create a pile, text us a picture of your pile (855) 766-3324, and we'll send you an estimate for approval. POOF! Your trash is gone within 24-48 hours! It's that simple!


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Poof! Gone

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We Truly Care

  • We have a passion for junk removal.

  • We do whatever we can to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  • When we get items that are in good condition, we try to get them to people in need. We do this by offering pickup at our site for a small storage fee or delivering those items to people for a delivery fee.

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our Raleigh, North Carolina junk removal company, you can trust that your junk removal needs will be handled professionally, efficiently, and responsibly. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and eco-friendly disposal practices make us a reliable choice for all your junk removal requirements. Whether it's junk removal, furniture removal, demo and removal, cleanouts, or disaster cleanup, we are your go-to provider for a clutter-free and clean environment. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. You don't pay until you're 100% satisfied. Guaranteed!

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Let the Dump Fairies Do the Heavy Lifting, So You Can Focus on More Important Things!